April 22, 2018
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  2018 Mustang Family Gallop poster

As a result of variable Montana weather, a variety of running conditions- including rain and snow- are possible.

5K & 1 Mile Fun Run -- April 22nd, 2018

These runs are a fund raising event for Montana City Trails & Trust, Inc.

2018 Mustang Family Gallop Results


5K Race Results

Place Time Name Bib ID Gender Age
10:16:57Mike Kaiser590male35
20:19:51Clint Pullman576male43
30:21:56Elliot Stimpson593male10
40:22:34Jace Skogen584male20
50:22:52Alexander Pullman577male10
60:23:16Ian Rasmann568male12
70:23:18John Cochrane586male39
80:25:11Matt Mudd582male35
90:25:17Isaac Skogen585male12
100:25:23Robert Stimpson594male13
110:25:36Nevaeh Wetzel575female10
120:26:52Morgan Oie588female17
130:27:06Alyssa Plant589female16
140:27:35Ed Warner583male40
150:27:57Robert Rasmussen581male68
160:29:05Ami Kraft600female42
170:29:38Jessica Bailey592female41
180:29:39Lyn Stimpson591male41
190:29:54John Rasmann569male49
200:32:28Channah Wells572female41
210:34:24Josie Crumley578female11
220:34:25Tammy Crumley579female39
230:34:45Dalton Noble580male12
240:35:45Marilyn Carlin570female62
250:36:23Stella Hilton596female9
260:36:25John Hilton598male42
270:36:26Tammie Hilton597female38
280:41:08Abby Miller701female11
290:41:40Anyah Douglas573female9
300:41:51Rylee O'Connell595female10
310:41:52Scott O'Connell599male49
320:51:44Nevaeh Wetzel575female10
330:51:45Tami Kauffman571female46